Digital Brand Development with Purpose
for brands who are ready to lead with values and intuition
Digital Brand Development with Purpose
for brands who are ready to lead with values and intuition

Brand Build &
Brand Experience

Grow Bright Brands is an Award Winning Branding Agency offering a bit more. Yes, we do Brand Strategy, and Digital Scaling with all its Magic Tools like SEO Keywords, Outreach, Public Reputation, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing – on Benchmarking Level trained by the World’s Digital Elite. And than we bring it Home. Add more Feeling. More Purpose. More Life.

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Brand Story &
Brand Identity

We modernize brands for the digital era. We immerse ourselves in your brand and your culture and help you to define your vision, voice, values and purpose while crafting meaningful brand stories that inspire your audience and help you grow a tribe of brand advocates. 

Web Site, Web Shop
& e-Commerce

By using stable and versatile web design and e-commerce applications we create fast-delivering and tangible shopping experiences. With both B2B and B2C webshops we help you to create Sales Funnels, Exit Intent Pop Ups and implement all the latest e-Marketing Tools to drive your sales.

Corporate Design &
Content Creation

Effective Corporate Design, Mood + Product Photography will allow you to shine through the noise and grab your audience’s attention. You will be able to express your values through visuals and deliver an experience that will enhance your brand above average companies. 

Teresa Zimmermann Speaking for United Nations RISE program 2018, Image Credits Life Frames by Lillith

Teresa Zimmermann is a FORBES awarded Emotional Impact Consultant, Business Architect and Digital Branding Expert.

For over 15 years she is dedicating her career to the laws of success. She blends the latest know how  in Leadership with Neuro-Science, Pattern Theorie and benchmarking Digital Scaling.  Taught by the world’s e-marketing industry leaders, a private exclusive US mastermind, she implements state-of-the-art Digital Branding. Add this to her already valid Toolbox, she guides leaders towards a results-driven, visionary and relaxed leadership style and translates their personal values and vocation into tangible, selling brands which leave an impact far beyond daily business (#legacy).

Teresa Zimmermann


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